The Z-axis murder by county road Z explained by Earth Language systems

Rd-blog-number-4175 by Herb Zinser  reviews the living EARTH cell and its  microbiology  math problems  near county road Z  in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.


Let repeat another blog post  ..that uses the EARTH LANGUAGE information database  and microbiology and math textbooks to understand  the deeper levels of REALITY that underlie  EARTH geography surface HUMAN  activity …. signaling EVENT.


The University of Wisconsin

microbiology mathematical logic DEMO

of the Axiom of Choice — Ax Murder

Rd-blog-number-4174 by Herb Zinser reviews an EVENT information database signal regarding molecular cell biology molecules and their thoughts and feelings …… molecular ANGER resulting in an EXTERNAL display of such anger…… hence, the creation of  a murder  EVENT by Nature to provide society with an information signal about molecular social engineering problems caused by human arrogance and human perception ERRORS.

Let’s  review the University of Wisconsin, Madison bio-math system with the microbiology math logic book by Joel Rob(bins).
We have the Madison, Wisconsin microbiology .. biochemistry humanoid  …. an EARTH LAB with bio-math specimen name : Joel Robbins.

Joel Robbin  –> subset code –> J o e l  Rob  + bin –> Job order entry language microbiology binary (systems) nLab

Jul 19, 2013 – Joel W. Robbin is a mathematician at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His thesis was in mathematical logics, under A. Church of …
Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

In INTERNAL microbiology living language  systems  ..the above letter code of 3 symbols –>   W.R  … in microbioiogy military situations …the center dot/period ….  may expand / grow to another circular/round configuration … the approximately  round letter a … and send a SYMBOL MACHINE signal  ….WaR .

The Robbin code –> Rob + bin —> microbiology binary –> suggest their are 2 application versions of math logic used by Nature ….

1) INTERNAL biology and the Central Nervous System  370 SYMBOL PROCESSOR usage of logic and thought

2) EXTERNAL applications of math logic

The INTERNAL biology thought system and its social engineering thoughts may express ANGER … and that INTERNAL microbiology math ANGER  may generate  OUTPUT instructions  … that are activated in some human ……  via Darwin selection of that human   .. thus creating a visible crime …. that is creating a process control feedback signal about the LOGIC ERRORS in social engineering and brain engineering education policies.

Thus the famous Wisconsin example of the AXIOM of CHOICE … the molecular continuum comprised of  biochemistry molecule structures named humans,

A very practical example of the AXIOM of CHOICE ….. was the biochemistry molecular continuum  decision … CHOICE to send  message in EXTERNAL world format  .. about the AXIOM of CHOICE by angry molecules.

Thus in an informal way ..devoid of math rigor …. but nonetheless  a bio-math logic display  …math logic in thought and action  …like..

Thus INTERNAL  math logic  made a decision .. a CHOICE about the format of the message to optimize its signal content ….. thus the transformation into an EXTERNAL information display  ….. signaling EVENT with feedback codes.

Ax Murderer Gets Chance for Parole – 620 WTMJ … › NewsLocal WTMJ

A judge Friday sentenced a man who killed his mother with an ax to life in … 12 that Mark D. Totzke was not criminally insane at the time of the crime. … The body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug. other words

Ax Murderer Gets Chance for Parole – 620 WTMJ … Ax M     … AxioM  gets chance to express math logic – 620 WTMJ … Axiom of Choice … Murderer Gets Chance for Parole – 620 WTMJ … › NewsLocal WTMJ

A judge Friday sentenced a man who killed his mother with an ax to life in … 12 that Mark D. Totzke was not criminally insane at the time of the crime. … The body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug.

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Above words…last sentence –. her Back –> implies Axiom of Choice feedback signal to the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Thus we see the systems approach ought include   molecule expressions of their math logic ANGER  …


Now, to provide additional clues for interested researchers  ..,,, that suggests some possible concepts to be considered.

Let’s look at the history of  brain axon decisions/ choices in message processing FORMATS   …that used the
AXON OUTPUT message expression technique …known as the AX murder of someone Brain AXONS.

This required a human bio-computer JOB EXECUTION task ….. hence the usage of the AX ..representing AXON data processing programs.

Mary Queen of Scots beheaded – History…/mary-queen-of-scots-beheadedHistory

On February 8, 1587, Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded for treason. Her son, King James VI of Scotland, calmly accepted his mother’s execution, and upon………..


Notice, the ax the process of execution ..travels down the Z-axis  ..therefore the Z-ax  bio-math execution.
The ax used in the ax murder has a v-shape  ….hence, the vector device used in the murder and the ax vector travels the z-axis …… hence, the well known bio-math SOCIAL CONTROL / THOUGHT CONTROL method using the  z-ax  ..such as the County Highway Z in Oconomowoc with math agent Mark D. Totzke and the ax vector.
Of course, the University of Wisconsin refuses to discuss these matters …. as they approve the  cover-up at the Mark D. Totzke trial.  Thus the incomplete explanations given about the mathematical logic microbiology WAR  in the University of Wisconsin brain engineering system  ….  UW,Madison  and  UW, Milwaukee … and  how it got acted out the small city of  Oconomowoc … in the message processing region between Madison and Milwaukee.
The Z-axis murder is nothing new.
Everyone knows  that World War 2 was a math /physics   war   …with math war identifiers.


Every high school student who takes plane geometry and algebra  know all about that.

Examples of  plane geometry/ math axis …….


geometry axis


rotation axes math vector mark

ortho math  vectors matrix linear


Example of powers ….

1) math exponents ..such as the quadratic equation with  the first x raised to the power of 2

picture - logan 3


2)  power series … with exponent –>  n er

complex czar  use 1



Thus we see the WAR  history message for Stephen  Hawking ….  who  was born in year 1942.

Apparently, no one studies serious history at Cambridge University   .

.their concept of history –> history –> hi + story –> they get mentally high by telling  bull-stories

axis powers war 2


Above ..the math signal –> year 1942 –> number 42 –> Base 4  raised to the power of 2 –> Base 16 hexadecimal

The Base 16 hexadecimal war casualties continue  ..such as the Virginia TECH shooting on April 16.

Virginia Tech shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia …



god-created-the-integers math hawking


Myopic Cambridge University  denies the existence of such integers as Base 16 hexadecimal. …. consequently they  have no awareness of the computer science wars and the casualties.

picture  - hex 2


16th Street Baptist Church bombing – Wikipedia, the free …


The 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed on Sunday, September 15, 1963 as an act of white supremacist terrorism. The explosion at …



Cambridge University  is in-bred  and  has lost their ability to communicate about simple possibilities.




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